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How Many Will You Serve From This Bowl?

Grateful gets more results than most realize. Discover the power of enlightened Emotional Intelligence that inspires excellence everywhere in the workplace.

These days many companies are trying to find ways to improve their communications climate and head off emotional toxicity.

A combination of frustration from the pandemic, fractured social media, rising costs, and office politics often work together to create stressed workers who lash out at others. They either directly or covertly attack company policies, resist progress, and cause disruption and poor morale.

These toxic workers are often valued employees with experience and skill who are important to the organization. You need a way to reach them, help them, and quickly #improve the communications climate in your #workplace. Only then can excellence be achieved.

My Emotional Intelligence Instant Solutions Clinics effectively train #managers and team #leaders to identify toxicity and diffuse it with proven techniques.

Your people learn how to use words, body language, and smart ideas to make communication more positive and supportive. Workers feel they are empowered to be their best. Your #team is energized, hopeful, and far more engaged.

You can strengthen your present leadership and #management with training and coaching to empower them to focus on a communication climate that evokes excellence in others. You may not need the new position you are #hiring for.

My interventions and new initiatives instill positive pillars that support empathy and mitigate emotional toxicity. These ideas and techniques can be woven into the fabric of your communication climate and #company #culture. You will experience less resistance, more collaboration, and increased engagement of #success driving forces.

These Communication Climate Corrections are a new tool you may not have had an opportunity to consider. This not only works, but provides a highly effective rapid response to workplace toxicity and uninspired workers. You really don't need to hire, pay, and onboard a new person. We can correct your organizational communication climate right from the start.

Carlos Raposo works with companies of all sizes, from new trainees to C-level executives, to help them achieve better leadership, change more effectively, stage effective turnarounds, improve their #workplace communication climate for happier, energized, more effective employees, and supercharge their overall forces of success. (c) 2021 All Rights

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