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 harnessing the power within   

Looking for new ways to inspire, engage, and encourage your employees to embrace a vision, be resilient and work better together toward company goals?
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YOUR company’s most important asset ... people and their mindsets —and that’s why a sound communication climate, effective leadership, corporate culture, feedback and employee morale are so crucial to achieving success in business. With proper coaching and training, companies can be primed for ever-changing workplace trends and an evolving culture.



Expert helps you navigate challenging times. 
Create change, improve communication.

Put Your Employees, On a Path, to Success.

Your Success is important to me.  

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Carlos Raposo is a Professional Speaker, Certified Corporate Coach & National Seminar Leader offering emotional intelligence training including workshops, seminars,  leadership coaching and more nationwide. Book Carlos for your next event.

Professional Review.

 Sr. VP of HR -Fortune 1000 co.

Although some professional development “how to” books do contain some wisdom, there is a distinct lack of practical application, engagement and Instant "Knowledge Transfer" in this form of instruction. Instead of just passing out a workbook and hoping for the best, Carlos's style is masterful, dynamic and engaging. It worked our teams directly and indirectly, using interactive teaching, training, and his..."can I give you some feedback?"system, to help our people not only better understand how to apply these principles of communication but to receive and make room for this new information.  Pretty amazing actually. My teams were able to practice and refine for continuous improvement. For us, it had and instant impact. Immediate and sustainable. He moved the needle.

My Comprehensive EI Coaching Strategies,
Dynamic Active Training Sessions and Corporate Retreats,
help provide immediate corrective action and follow-through, making new systems become functional workplace habits.

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