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Are You Really SET For The New Year? This One Shift In Thinking & Attitude Offers a Big Advantage.

This One Shift In Thinking & Attitude

Offers a Big Advantage For Your

Leadership & Business Success.

Most of us start the new year by setting goals for a fresh start. It's a familiar practice. In everyday life we set all sorts of things.

We set clocks and watches to make sure we arrive on time. We set calendars to ensure we don't miss appointments, birthdays, and special events.

We also set our clothes out for the next day as we imagine what we want to look like and the persona we will portray tomorrow. We set the stove, the air fryer, the microwave, and the thermostat.

You may also set aside money, time for nails, hair, makeup, the spa, to workout, and to pay bills. There's no end to the setting we do in daily life.

We even set the table and placemats, set a time to change the sheets, and should set time to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, destress, and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones.

With all that setting one might think we've got everything covered. Most of us are experts at setting. We can set with skill, precision, and perfect planning. You are all set for success.

But maybe we're missing a "big picture" issue that needs our attention. There could be a major set that could have a big impact on the success of your #leadership and #business.

When inside the seminar room during training and coaching events or later when out and about, I am reminded daily how we often don't set the right MINDSET in how we Lead, Manage, Interact, Engage, and Service others.

Just the other day I was standing in line to board a plane. The man in front of me, without knowing, was dragging his nice coat on the dirty floor.

I alerted him his "nice jacket" had fallen and was getting dirty. What was his response? "It's not a jacket. It's a sweater."

That's it, believe it or not.

Then I noticed an elderly couple upset the overhead bins were already filled in their empty row. They alerted the flight attendant and were solemnly told "Just find one so the other passengers can be seated. You will be responsible if our flight is delayed."

How often do we miss the opportunity to set an appropriate mindset for what we are about to say? It's important to establish a good mindset for the actions we take and the non-verbal messages we send.

Your effort to set the best mindset can help others align correct emotions, attitudes, and energy. I call this the real connective tissue of #relationships. All from the smarter way you engage and interact with others.

This can have a surprising impact on your company, leadership and #teams. Your improved mindset in the new year can help your #employees be more productive, have a more positive attitude, and learn to solve problems with greater skill and diplomacy.

Your business can run more smoothly with greater efficiency and improved profits.

What's the truly important adjustment to set in the new year? Improved mindset is essential for the enlightened leader who sees things through the Eyes of Emotional Intelligence.

Carlos Raposo works with companies of all sizes, from new trainees to C-level executives, to help them achieve better leadership, change more effectively, stage effective turnarounds, improve their #workplace communication climate for happier, energized, more effective employees, and supercharge their overall forces of success.

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