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World-Class Speaker & Trainer ✦ Corporate Coach & EI Strategist  
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Professional Review.

 Sr. VP of HR -Fortune 1000 co.

Although some professional development “how to” books do contain some wisdom, there is a distinct lack of practical application, engagement and Instant "Knowledge Transfer" in this form of instruction. Instead of just passing out a workbook and hoping for the best, Carlos's style is masterful, dynamic and engaging. It worked our teams directly and indirectly, using interactive teaching, training, and his..."can I give you some feedback?" system, to help our people, not only better understand how to apply these principles of communication but to receive and make room for this new information.  Pretty amazing actually. My teams were able to practice and refine for continuous improvement. For us, it had an instant impact. Immediate and sustainable. He moved the needle.

"Engage people with the fuel of excellence"



For many years now...

I have worked with companies of all sizes to help them achieve better leadership, change more effectively, stage effective turnarounds, improve their workplace culture for happier, energized, more effective employees, and supercharge their overall forces of success.

This is the powerful "shot in the arm" a great many companies need to move forward and improve their results. They get smoother operation, better quality work, fewer mistakes and problems, and often increase their sales, profits and people power.

When a Business Leader and HR Professional needs a better idea and fresh strategy that really works,
I'm the EI-expert who can provide it.

It is the nationwide coaching firm I operate today helping today's workforce, businesses and leaders in many industries achieve the improved results they want. This is especially important today when businesses everywhere are having to change quickly.

A dramatically different economy, new workplace environment, and fluid markets are forcing owners and managers to find new strategies, enthusiastically embrace change, get their teams on board, and make it all happen in record time.

My experience, expertise, and strong familiarity with the best new business strategies is in constant demand. I work closely with business and HR leaders to create custom solutions to their challenges. We move their business forward with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We
engage people with the fuel of excellence.

I can also work with employees to help them find fresh motivation, be more willing to fully embrace change, and be an indispensable part of their company's future. This can provide remarkable results in the short term and over the long haul.

Please message me now to discuss your business. I am happy to
answer questions in confidence

and offer helpful ideas.

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