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Lead. Engage. Fuel. Transform.

Don't get left behind

Become the Leader Who Can Inspire.

Engage Your Company to a Much Higher Level of Achievement. Fuel the Vision with Applied Intentional Excellence.

 Transform How You Perform.





Get your company on the path to success

Contact us in Confidence

Thank you for your consideration.

*** background video produced before covid-19 pandemic.  we support all CDC best practice guidelines for face coverings and social distancing ***

You can Achieve your Vision

 and quickly elevate your company and leadership to a higher levelI can help.

Forbes reports on the overwhelming success of business coaching services. 


Carlos Raposo Coaching

works with companies of all sizes, from new trainees to C-level executives, to help them achieve better leadership, change more effectively, stage effective turnarounds, improve their workplace culture for happier, energized, more effective employees, and supercharge their overall

forces of success.

  • corporate coach


  • professional leadership coach


  • workplace seminars


  • change management leadership coaching

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