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" The ability to harness the right emotions
  of your employees and colleagues 
  separates the Toxic leader
  from great leadership."  Carlos Raposo

 Carlos  Raposo on 
Evoking Excellence in Others

Carlos Raposo is a professional speaker, corporate coach & national seminar leader offering emotional intelligence training, workplace seminars, leadership executive coaching business coaching.

 Real World Emotional Intelligence Application

Carlos Raposo has extensive success teaching, & modeling workplace communications training to business professionals of all levels of experience, from the new manager-trainee up to C-level executives.


However, miscommunication isn’t the only problem poorly performing teams are confronted with. Being unable to communicate in a way that allows others to understand and empathize is also important. Without learning what truly motivates your team, you may be telling them things – and

they just don’t care or realize the importance of what you’re saying.  


A Proper understanding of emotional responses in the workplace, as well as how to connect to employees - (your company's communication  climate) and peers is a difficult skill to master –but Carlos Raposo presents his winning solutions in a way that is accessible to all your managers and employees.

As an experienced authority on the practical application and everyday use of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Carlos Raposo Coaching suppports Human Resource Professionals, empowers your teams and leaders with a greater understanding of themselves, one another, leading others and improving overall performance as a unit.


After all, it’s people that truly make the difference in an organization, and when those people are feeling unfulfilled, ignored, or just plain stressed out, they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves–let alone being able to process the validity of others’ emotions.


With expert guidance from Carlos Raposo Coaching, your teams, managers  and leaders will learn

to embrace a new Communication Climate Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, resilience, empathy, integrity, coach-ability, and leadership from within.

 Programs for Immediate Results and Greatest Impact 

On-site Coaching to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Communication Climate Assessment w/ Correction Guidance

Emotional Intelligence Assessments for Leadership Effectiveness (MyQ3)

Practical Emotional Intelligence Skills Building:  The 5 Talents of Effective Leadership

The Next Level:  Sustaining the EI Edge





Engage Expert Help Today. 


To learn more about what Carlos Raposo Coaching and The Power of Emotional Intelligence can really do for you, kindly fill out the form below or call me in confidence 1.888.293.1680.


Help your workforce and leaders re-engage the driving forces of success

Take Action and Realize a Vision of what's possible.


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Emotional Intelligence Abilities Assessment for Leaders & Managers

Performance-based assessment measures applied understanding of Emotional Intelligence.

* COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE REPORT offers specific suggestions about how respondents can supplement or leverage their emotional intelligence skills.

 Assess for EI-q Leadership Abilities 

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